Graphql Subscription with Angular and Rxjs

In this article, I want to show you how easy it is to use only Angular and its build in Rxjs to do Graphql subscription. (There are existing graphql clients such as Apollo Client, but we show you how simple it it to roll your own.) Graphql has a subscription type besides query and mutation. Most implementations use websocket to implement subscription type and send data from server to client. Read more →

GraphQL File Upload with Angular

GraphQL does not support file upload natively. Thankfully, jaydenseric created graphql-multipart-request-spec to standardize the format to use multipart (HTTP file upload) request to upload file to a GraphQL server. On the server side, most popular GQL servers support this standard. On the client side, you can use Apollo GraphQL client. However, what if you want to implement your own file upload client? This article shows that all you need to do is to create a multipart request according to the format of graphql-multipart-request-spec and send it to the server. Read more →